Hi! I’m Jessie.

Thanks for popping by! I’m a womens life coach + mentor with a side of deeper thinker, soul enthusiast and connection addict. Forever holding space for women to come home within themselves.

Life Coach (definition)

A life coach is someone who holds space for you to achieve goals on a journey of self-actualisation.
A life coach will deeply honour you as the expert in your own life and believes that all human beings are capable, worthy and whole.

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I’ve been keeping a secret..

I’ve been keeping a secret..

Beautiful friends, welcome back!I’ve been sitting deep in reverence the last couple of months because I have a little secret I’ve been keeping close to my heart, I’ve welcomed a new love into my life. It is the most beautiful and reflective process and evokes joy and...

How do you feel about courage?

How do you feel about courage?

This one is sitting hot on my heart lovers, so naturally I’m back at it again a billion years after my last blog. One of my fav things to do is spend time with my littlest loves. Theres just something about immersing myself in the company of little humans that sets my...

How well do you know yourself?

How well do you know yourself?

Hey lovers, As the title would indicate, it’s time to get cosy with you! Naturally, if someone asked me that question my response would be: obviously I know myself well, followed by a hard eye roll because sass HOWEVER go with me on this one. If you’ve read either of...


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