I’m Jessie Meyers

Womens life coach + mentor

with a side of deeper thinker, soul enthusiast

and connection addict. 


I work with soul driven women

who are ready to come home within themselves

I blend coaching and mentoring together so we can enter into a space where reverence is core. I want to see you greet your soul like a long lost friend and expand into all that is your sovereignty


I am not in the business of fixing or propping up, I will reflect and act as a mirror for you to explore and claim back all that is you

I will push you and I will challenge your thinking. I will ask you to question everything, without always having the answer. I’ll encourage you to sit a little longer, think a little harder and feel a little deeper. I will call you up, not out

You will feel seen + heard

In a way you didn’t realise you were yearning for and I will hold space for you to breathe air back into your body and savour the exhale 

Who am I?

I find it difficult to use words to describe myself, especially in this context because I feel things, deeply. So instead of listing traits for you, let me give you an insight into the things that build the foundation of who I am:

1. I am an Aries and an empath – think fiercely loyal + passionate crossed with intense depth + sensitivity

2. Investing in my health + moving my body. Making the choice to nourish my body was a game changer. I removed gluten and dairy from my life and invest in organic where possible because it honours my body to do so

3. The value in my time. I do not invest in small talk, I’m here for the soul riffs and dnm’s that help us all rise together

4. I’m not interested in staying the same, the version of me creating the current excites me beyond words

5. Two things give me the same feeling in life that I can’t replicate elsewhere: coaching and an ocean swim

6. Honouring the cycles of my body. This means I can never fully commit or get my money’s worth out of a gym membership – some days I’m craving a high intensity F45 session and others I just want to stretch on my lounge room floor prior to eating ice cream, balance right?

7. Continually learning and welcoming expansion into my life

8. Ditching comparison. Nothing cripples your creative fire like comparing it to somebody elses, staying reverent to your creation is imperative

9. Having, and respecting the agency of others

10. Sacred boundaries

11. Allowing space 

12. Our youth + little people, because there is nothing quite as precious as the innocence of a child deep in play. I feel eternally honoured to be a part of so many little souls lives and if I am able to impact even one of them as they pave the way for our future than I feel deep privilege

13. The Earth

Lets talk about how you might be feeling:

Disconnect  Dis-ease  Deprivation.

You’re tired, oh so tired and there’s no solitude or invitation of quiet into the body. Acknowledgement is rare. Pride seems out of reach. You’re constantly connecting but never connected. Always in your mind, ticking over, anxiety creeping in.

You’ve forgotten how it feels to be fully seen. How many times can you partly tell your story before it becomes easier to not tell it at all. When did you get to a point where your voice felt out of reach? Judgement seeps in, everyone merges into you, clouding and obscuring the view.

Disconnect sets in, trust in your gut becomes more and more questionable and you begin operating as a result of, not sovereignly. Dependancy and comparison feel oh so familiar but with great discomfort. 

Sovereignty is calling you back ever so warmly.

It’s time to come home within yourself beautiful woman. 

Are you ready to come home?