As we approach the festive season…

Good Morning my love,

First week of November, how are you? Actually can’t believe we are 8 weeks out from 2021, 2020 has been ALOT.

As we approach the festive season, I think it’s important to check in, especially after all that has been the last few months of this year. As a collective, we’ve experienced so much uncertainty and fear, with the majority of us forced to adapt into circumstances out of our control. I know for me personally, it’s pushed me very quickly and uncomfortably to assess my internal processes, belief systems and level of awareness of my reactions. A deep dive into personal responsibility, sovereignty. 

I wonder how this has impacted you, specifically. How have you nurtured yourself this year? What tools have you pulled upon in times of uncertainty and fear of what comes next? Perhaps that wasn’t something you were equipped to navigate and you’ve felt a little like you’ve been treading water for a while now and your legs aren’t sure they can keep going anymore. Does any of this resonate with you?

For a lot of us, an approach to the festive season is less than festive. It marks an increased workload and stress of reaching organisational goals before the year is out. It marks a time of increased financial stress as we begin increasing our financial investment into gifts and hosting our loved ones. It marks a time where typically our personal time becomes less and those moments for ourselves are replaced with social engagements on social engagements and our personal space/safe place is suddenly flooded with others. As much as we love our friends and family, it can quickly become overwhelming and unbearable, and the festive in festive season is no longer. 

I wonder after reading that how you feel? Do you think back and notice familiarity with those experiences? Have you ever taken time to consider these things, with you as the priority? 

My focus in the coming weeks is creating experiences for myself that aren’t compromising in, or dismissive of my core values and boundaries, with my sovereignty at the fore. There are two ways I’m approaching this:

  1. Actively reframing my mindset 
  2. Implementing a daily non negotiable date with myself

Let’s start with number 2. We all know I’m a big fan of morning routines (you can see my post about it here). I like to think of this step as an extension of that. Much like how you schedule time to spend with your friends or your loved ones, it’s important we allow ourselves the same luxury. You may have heard this before, but you can’t give from an empty cup. If you think of yourself in this context, what we want to aim for is to be overflowing. Our cup is so full that it’s spilling over and we give to those around us from there. If your cup isn’t overflowing, you’re taking from your personal store, until you eventually drain it and there’s nothing left for anyone else, let alone yourself. Cue burnout and leaky boundaries. 

Scheduling in this time for yourself daily, essentially carving out a pocket (or pockets!) of time every day as a priority, to check in with that cup and make sure you’re only giving from the overflow. Be selfish, let it be the one thing for the day that is completely about you and looks however you want it to look. 5 minutes, or 1 hour. Stillness or movement. Writing or creativity. Silence or the loudest music you could have to drown out your singing voice while you belt it out. Whatever it is and looks like, let it be about you and what makes you feel joy and fed on a soul level. Be unapologetic. 

Now, for number one. Tonight on Instagram, I’ll be sharing practical examples of how I reframe my mindset through statements, centring compassion in in the way I talk to myself and relate to my experiences. For example:

Instead of: Everyone is going to judge me 

Try: I believe in myself and back my decisions fully


Instead of: I’m having a really terrible week, nothing is going my way

Try: It’s safe for me to feel my emotions fully


Getting into the habit now of extending kindness and compassion towards myself, so that if I waver in step 2, I am equipped to navigate out of it in any circumstance. See how the two steps complement each other without being directly linked? We’re setting ourselves up for a win as a default, even if we perceive it as a bump in the road. 

Practical tools like these, are something that I help my clients implement into their lives daily. Identifying and assessing pain points, and exploring ways that we can implement personalised actionable steps to alleviate these is a key part of the coaching experience. Just as we are uniquely individual, so are the health concerns we have, and the pain points we experience. This is why I have multiple ways in which you can work with me. If you have been considering an investment in your health, let this be the sign you’ve been waiting for. You deserve it. 

Big love,

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