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How do sessions work?

All of my sessions are conducted via Skype and require an internet connection plus set of headphones with an inbuilt microphone. The structure of a series will be discussed more in depth during our Intention Session.

Who will be in the sessions?

Just you and me sister! Making this investment in yourself is something to be honoured and requires all of your attention – you deserve an hour solely for you once a fortnight!

Do we have other options outside of Skype? What if I want to meet face to face or on the phone?

My primary method of conducting sessions is via Skype. I do not conduct in person sessions, I am however able to accommodate sessions over the phone if required and discussed prior.

What happens if after a few sessions I feel like it’s not working out?

If after our first full session together you feel that a coaching series is no longer right for you, I will gladly refund your next session and release you from the coaching commitment. Once we have moved into session two however – you are in all the way and no part of the coaching series will be refundable. This is outlined in depth in the Coaching Agreement signed prior to commencing a series together.

Is my information private?

100% yes! Everything discussed between us whether via Skype or email remains fully confidential.

Are there payment options available?

Yes! Payment can be made in full upfront, with a discount, or monthly as detailed in the ‘Create with Me’ tab.

What are your qualifications?

I am a qualified Beautiful You Life Coach and also hold a Certificate III in Business.