Does comfort outweigh happiness?

So it’s been a minute again, seems I’m making a habit out of keeping you waiting. Truth is, I have no desire to write for the sake of writing, so hopefully you take comfort in knowing that when I show up here, it’s because somethings sitting on my soul enough to drive me to share.

Of late, something I’ve been putting to my clients, and sitting with personally, is:

‘Does comfort outweigh happiness?’ 

I’m sure we’ve all heard the line ‘great things never came from comfort zones’? Comfort zones are the best but, right? They feel safe and secure, familiar and controlled. What plays on my mind though is what are we sacrificing by staying there? 

Stuck in a job you hate because it’s stable and the money is good? Staying in your relationship because you’ve invested years and years into building that future and if you just keep trying maybe things will change and you’ll feel different? Living in the same town that you grew up in, repeating the same cycle as your family because leaving is just not something that is done? Continually suffocating your voice and pushing down your passion because quitting your job and starting your own business is too big of a risk? Maybe you continue investing in friendships that just no longer serve you?

Any of those sound familiar? How about:

What if people judge me? 

What if it doesn’t work out? 

What happens if I fail?

We’ve all been there. Fear speaks loudly and can consume everything without us even being conscious of the pattern. Here’s something to ponder: have you adopted your fears? How many borrowed stories and adopted fears are you allowing to run out that aren’t yours to carry? If you made the choice to let those go, would you still be sitting in the same fear?

When something is out of alignment in our lives, our body tells us. Your mind won’t quieten, or you’ll carry around a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maybe you feel stuck in a rut that you can’t get out of? Things will continue to not go right or we’ll feel like we can’t catch a break because we’re fighting the push to get out of that comfort zone and expand.

What happens when we sit in the fear and stay where it’s comfortable? We sacrifice living, fully. We sacrifice expanding into higher versions of ourselves. We sacrifice our creativity and the gifts sitting dormant waiting to be birthed into the world. We sacrifice change. And for what? Fear of failing? Fear of success? Comfort? When I really think about it, it just doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

In answering my own question, does comfort outweigh happiness?, it has to be no. Sacrifice for the sake of comfort isn’t something I can invest in. Happiness, living life fully, expansion and creation have to be the forefront because our society needs change. Our generation is being built around an age of social media and over consumption and we’re loosing our ability to connect, with each other and ourselves. As scary as it is, the vulnerability of stepping into the fear and out of my comfort zone has to be essential or I never change and I never grow. I’ll take shitting my pants at life over living one I hate any day.

So my friend, let me ask you the question now: ‘Does comfort outweigh happiness?’

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