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A few days ago I was scrolling Instagram and I stumbled across something that seems to be appearing on a regular basis these days and it made me quite emotional if I’m being honest. It was a cry for help without follow through. A message sent out to anyone who would read, that this person was not okay and needed deeply to be cared for, but when a hand was extended, it was just ask quickly declined. Now, don’t get me wrong I was stewing on the inside, but not for the reason you might think. My empathy was for what we enable, as a society. For the reactions we have accepted and the behaviours we continue to teach. I felt like we had failed, this particular person as well as ourselves.

When did we become a society that was so heavily focused on outward appearance and so deeply disinterested in the type of person we are at a soul level? When did it become the norm to associate your worth with the amount of followers you have on Instagram or the total likes on your latest photo? When was the last time you went into a social setting and everyone was fully engaged with those around them and not glued to their phones. It seems like we have a more vested interest in proving that we had a better time than anyone else through the photos we share then actually being present and enjoying the experience.

When did we as women hand over our worth to other people and allow them to influence the way we look and feel about ourselves? When did we start normalising the internal battle and allowing ourselves to feel that because we’re not the only one feeling these feels or dealing with this on the daily that it must be okay?

I genuinely cannot wrap my head around it. My heart is so deeply saddened when I consider the behaviours that we as a society are teaching and replicating for our generation of women, on and offline. We are moulding each other, enabling each other and carving the path for continuation of this toxic cycle and I am no longer okay with standing silent.

So how do we address it? We open our eyes and hearts to the beauty within. 

I want to share with you, three of the most important assets you have – self love, self confidence and self worth. Notice how they all start with self? That’s because YOU hold the power of them. Not your friends or your family, not your Instagram followers or old mate who keeps giving you the nod at the gym, YOU. You, beautiful friend are extraordinary inside and out and you do not have to feel like this anymore. Let yourself explore you without the baggage others have attached to you. Break away from who you should be and step into who you are because you, layers pulled back is something that should not be hidden. Be you, unapologetically and watch the light shine through. You were not put on this earth to live in fear, you’ve got something to bring to the party pretty lady – don’t keep us waiting!

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