Kind Words

Interested in how coaching feels?

Sometimes it’s easier to see it to believe it. I will be forever humbled by the kind words of the beautiful people who have touched my life, take a step inside their journey:

After having my first bub and trying to find who I was again I found Jessie and her amazing skills. She gave me so many amazing tips and tools to work towards my goals and aspirations in life that I wasn’t able to dig deep enough to find beforehand. Jessie is amazing at what she does and I will never be able to thank her enough for her support, guidance and for believing in me.

Jessie changed my life and my way of thinking and I will be forever grateful for her help!

Reanna Pappagallo

When Jessie and I first connected I was lost. I was so caught up in being a mum and a wife that I wasn’t a priority in my own life. I was holding back, struggling with a dispassionate career role, keeping everyone around me happy and sacrificing the truest and most honest version of myself in the process.

Going into my first session with Jessie I was nervous about exploring “me” and opening up honestly about how my life was tracking. Being honest with coaching meant I had to open up about my thoughts and feelings which made me feel very vulnerable. It was scary admitting out loud that I’d lost control and settled for my current circumstances. That session solidified for me that I needed coaching – it felt right! I needed support, an ear to listen and an honest face – it felt good to be heard! I knew that with my new found support my goals were attainable and I wasn’t alone in achieving them.

Through the coaching process I was reacquainted with balance and control. I loved the accountability of the fortnightly tasks that Jessie and I set together, I felt responsible to the process and driven to keep myself on track. I now feel empowered to take the needed steps in my career and personal relationships. I’m back on course in my personal life and have strategies around my future career goals. I’ve seen changes in my friendships and relationships – in how I interact and my ability to be completely honest within them. I now don’t give time and energy into anything that doesn’t serve me for the better.

Jessie’s raw honesty and support throughout my entire series made me feel empowered and in control of my life. It was honest and deeply thought provoking. I’ve identified the areas that are a continual work in process but more importantly I now have invaluable tools to know how to address them.

Kerri Van Deudekom

When we first connected, I was starting many new and exciting projects. I had a lot of motivation but still felt there were fears and blocks holding me back from truly stepping forward and pursuing my dreams. For me, I had learnt so much through just reading and listening to self-development material that I figured one-on-one work surely would enable positive transformation on a whole other level.

Going into our first session I felt so vibrant, energetic and excited. I could not wait to get started and felt like I was moving forward on the right path. During our session, Jessie held space for me to become very clear on the areas of my life that I wanted to focus on and improve. I felt that I had obtained a new level of understanding on what was really important to me as I was just able to focus on my desires and not anyone else’s.

The coaching experience was challenging, rewarding and deeply loving. Overall, my energy, motivation and drive is just at a whole other level which wouldn’t have been possible without this series. The people around me are always telling me how proud they are of me for all I achieved this year and how I have inspired them to follow their own dreams. Along with drive, passion and positive mindset, the biggest change I have witnessed is within my relationship with money. Before I found the topic restricting and fearful but now I openly embrace conversation and learning around abundance. I feel at peace with myself and even if I begin to feel the fear creep up, I am able to come back to a place of love quickly. I always know I have enough and that all is provided for. This calmness has spread out into so many areas of my life and I feel so incredibly in tune with who I am as a person.

Jessie is the most amazing coach to work with. She has this wonderful ability to read between the lines and help you uncover what it is that you really want to create in your life. She gives you the motivation and loving push to take on new challenges and believe in yourself. If you are looking to create positive change in your life then Jessie is the coach for you.

Hannah Materne – Life Coach

When I crossed paths with Jessie I was finding myself. Working out who I was as an individual after being in a relationship for so long but also healing after being in that unhappy relationship. I had started working on myself a bit, but I wanted to know where I should go in life, what I should do for work that was fulfilling and how to connect with others when I only had bad experiences to build on. I didn’t just want to open the door of the cage I was leaving, but burst through it with blinding light of my true self.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but I definitely got so much more than I could have imagined from my experience. Showing up to my first session I felt shy and nervous opening myself up to a stranger. I was unsure of the steps I needed to take and afraid of the ones I had even considered taking, but during our first session that definitely started melting away and I was filled with excitement and confidence for my journey. By the end of that session I had somewhere to look. I had ideas buzzing in my head and I had steps to take. I didn’t know where they would take me, but I was confident in making them and keen to tick off each task to see where it would take me.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed throughout this process is confidence in myself and in my journey. Confidence in my interactions with others. The ability now to speak my mind and stand up for myself without hesitation. My ability to share ideas and thoughts without fear. To be able to grow, experience and exist in my truth without constant overthinking, hesitation and fear. Those closest to me are in awe – they had seen potential in me before but are amazed to see the real me for the first time, to see me so alive, happy and full of new life. Through our coaching journey, Jessie has enriched my life. It has been uplifting, rewarding and life-giving and I honestly cannot thank her enough!

Johanna Houlahan

When I first entered the coaching space with Jessie, I was struggling with giving all of myself to everyone but my own self. I didn’t own my worth and my body was running on empty. I didn’t know what holding space looked and felt like – I had my wildest dreams in my head but boy did I need to shift my thought patterns that had taken control.

Going into that first session together I was nervous, but excited. I laid all my fears, my wildest dreams and my whole self on the line. It felt amazing to be heard! My inner thoughts were all being released in a safe place. Having never worked with a coach before I went in with no expectations because at the start I didn’t really know what I said yes too! I showed up because my inner voice spoke to me and said this will take me on a journey of opening myself up to rawness and discovery of myself and my surroundings. By the end of that session I realised that I wasn’t holding any space for the present moment in my life. I was living in the future and none of my thoughts were about being in the now.

The biggest change I’ve watched surface within myself is within my ability to say no to things that don’t serve me. To listen to my thoughts, be still, meditate, journal and send lots of love notes to the areas I feel challenged in. In my relationship, I felt like I spent so much time in my own agenda I forgot to have time for adventure and unwind with my husband, family and friends. My loved ones have even commented saying that now I look happier in my face and my shoulders were standing proud. My energy had shifted with more positive thoughts!

Showing up for the 1 hour session is the best bloody thing you can give yourself. 1 hour to focus on yourself and talk about ‘you’ – that is a feeling I loved! And after each session ends you feel like your light has been turned on a little more brighter. My heart has EXPANDED from my 3 month coaching series! The whole experience opened my door to journeying home and has left me feeling PROUD – FREE – WORHTY.

Jessie, thank you for holding space for me. The one session I wanted to quit and not show up you were able to shift my thinking in an instant. Was it easy? At the start no, talking about myself was a challenge. Was it worth it? A big hell YES!!! – Forever grateful.

Rachael Upton

After living abroad in London for 2 years on a working holiday visa, I returned to my hometown of Gladstone, Qld. During this transition I was constantly struggling to find contentment in my life again. Even though I was fortunate to have my supportive family around me at that time, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in other areas of my life. I found it hard to make new friendships, became involved in some toxic romantic relationships, didn’t feel passionate in my career anymore and had lost touch with my interests and hobbies that once brought me happiness. It became clear to me that I was a very lonely person and had very little direction in my life. I desperately wanted to find my true happy self again and to feel excited about life like I once did!

Jessie was my first experience with a coach, I had tried various methods in the past but was wanting to try a different approach. I was nervous before our first session but also excited to try something new. By the end of our first session of meeting and talking to Jessie, I instantly felt like there was somebody there to help me through my situation.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is a feeling of having control of my life. I’ve learnt life long skills to carry with me into my future endeavours, my family and friends were happy to see that I was trying something new and looking for a new direction in life! The whole experience was refreshing, supportive and challenging.

Cassandra Tufrey

When I first connected with Jessie in a coaching space, I was a wreck. All consuming in my work life, but honestly in my personal life as well, I was just so distracted by work I couldn’t see it’s effect in all areas. I was sad and crying all the time, launching from crisis to crisis. I didn’t have any real goals apart from survival. I had some vague ideas about what was important to me, but nothing really locked down. I knew I needed to gain control of my reactions and stop everything being a total knee jerk reaction with no thought behind it but I didn’t know how. I had never worked with a coach before and I honestly didn’t know what to expect, although I thought it would be similar to a psychologist/counselling type of experience. Admittedly though, I thought being older made me wiser. It was so pleasant to learn that was an incorrect assumption.

Entering into our first session together I was nervous but excited! By the end of that session I could see I had a lot of work to do but I was so sure it was going to be amazing! I felt so fortunate to have met Jessie and I also finally had hope. I felt heard, which I realised I hadn’t felt in such a long time that I’d forgotten what it actually felt like. 

The coaching experience has been all encompassing. My personal life has been turned upside down and I won’t lie, it’s been traumatic BUT I have never in my life felt more sure of me, of my worth. Never felt clearer, even despite the harder things I’m working through. By having the space to discover and explore my core values, a passion has ignited within me to make real changes in my family life and contribute on a broader scale. I’ve learned that my desire to advocate for children runs that deep that I must change and take a stand. I have begun training with the Australian Breastfeeding Association to help new mother’s with their babies as they enter the most beautiful time of their lives. My ultimate goal is to become a Doula and advocate for children’s right from the beginning of their lives.

As a flow on effect, I no longer stand for substandard behaviour from those around me when it comes to my own children in particular. I would break my own heart to save theirs, over and over. I now have the faith in myself to stand up and speak out even when I’m scared, especially when I’m scared. I have taken a deep dive toward what has always, as a default, been acceptable to me and found that it simply is not anymore. That’s an equally amazing and terrifying place to be. In my workplace, I have reached a place of mutual respect. While I don’t particularly warm to everyone, I respect them professionally and that has been returned. There’s a certain level of comfort in that fact. 

My coaching experience with Jessie was transforming, eye opening and has evoked life changing growth. I knew something in my life had to give, but I was at a loss with where to start and to be honest, without this space I would have done something rash like quit my job and ended up with the same issues in a brand new location. I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember as an adult. My anger and aggression a badge I wore with pride. Every decision was a source of worry or cause for a fight for as long as I can remember until I had kids, which changed that somewhat but not nearly as much as coaching has.

I literally see the world through new eyes now because of the path Jessie led me on. I know she’ll say she didn’t but she did. Her calm, rational and realistic but also protective manner made me feel so safe and worthy. She, with permission, offered suggestions that if made by anyone else I wouldn’t have even considered let alone acted on. She heard me and never once judged a single thought or word. That was so liberating and still is. I am so grateful to Jessie and all that she has shown me about myself, all of these amazing things that I didn’t even know existed, through simply holding space for me. I am a better mum and wife for having done this and again she won’t take credit, but it wouldn’t have been possible without her there in it with me. I had vague ideas about how I want to parent but Jessie gave me the tools and time to make it a solid plan with the structure that it needs. The values that were always there are the framework that I live and love by now, consciously, rather than an abstract ideal without definition. I cannot thank Jessie enough for all that she has given me. I’ll always remember and hope to one day repay the gift.


Melissa Dyckhoff

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